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Re: really bad color scans from canon 2710F scanner


>Bill, I think it makes more sense than anything else. But knowing as
>little as I do about color management, how do I fix it? You can't load
>proifiles into the scanner software. I tried, but non showed up in the
>dialogue box when I clicked on Load.

BF: If I were troubleshooting this, I'd take a problem file from your
scanner and try to find some kind of conversion or transformation that
would strip off whatever the hidden, offending data is.  Here are some
things I would try:

(1) Save as a Macintosh PICT file, then use a freeware program such as GIF
Converter to convert it to a GIF file, and try printing the result (from
Photoshop if you like) on both the 1200 and 3000. (The idea here is that
GIF Converter doesn't know anything about profiles, will ignore any profile
data in the source file, and will create a profile-free GIF file.) If both
printouts look the same, then you'll know that some kind of hidden data has
been removed.

(2) In Photoshop 5.0.2 go to "File ->  Color Settings -> Profile Setup..."
and uncheck all the "embed profiles" checkboxes up at the top of the
dialog.  Make a new scan and bring it into Photoshop then save it.  Then
re-open it and try printing to both printers.

(3) If you are scanning using a separate program (rather than using an
import plug in and lets you scan directly into Photoshop), the check to see
if the scans are in TIFF format.  If so, use a program such as GIF
Converter (I think this can open TIFF files) to save it as a Macintosh PICT
file.  Then open this in Photoshop and try printing to both printers.  (The
idea here is that TIFF files can have stuff in them that can give
viewing/printing hints about how to use them.  PICT files can't (except for
ICC profiles).  So this might be another way to strip out hidden data.).

>I believe when you load the epson 1200 software, it gives you colorsync
>I think that the epsln 3000 driver does too. Could there be 2 different
>copies, or worse yet more than one version hidden somewhere and I have
>to remove one?

BF: Look in your Extensions folder.  If there are two files named
"ColorSync Extension" (EXTREMELY UNLIKELY) then get info on them to check
the version numbers, and move the oder one to the desktop (so the system
won't find it upon restart) and restart your Mac.

>Should I load the newest version of color sync into the profiles and
>dump the version 2.0?

BF: There's a chance this might solve your problem, but I tend to doubt it.

>> This makes me think that there are profiles or other
>> hidden color data attached to images from the Canon scanner that are used
>> by Photoshop, your monitor, and your Epson 1200 driver to give
>> color-matched results, but not used by the Epson 3000 driver.

-- Good luck!  Bill

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