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Re: Maxim/Ultra print coatings

Michael Greer wrote:
> J. Arthur Davis wrote:
> > If you order his product be prepared for a shock. A gallon of the UV
> > spray sells for $185.00 plus you will need a gallon of resolvent to thin
> > the product. It is quite heavy and will not flow through most spray
> > guns. He advises cutting the spray so it can be sprayed.
> Jim,
> The Stock Solution sells the Maxim product in a more economic package. The per
> sheet price is less expensive if you buy the stuff in the $185 gallons. But to
> experiement with, TSS sells the stuff for $50 per 16oz bottle. They also sell a
> "Super Shot" reuseable cannister for $32 that will dispense the Maxim XE once
> fill with compressed air. The details can be found at
> http://www.tssphoto.com/sp/dg/top_coat.html
> --
> Mike Greer

If you go the Super Shot route you must also purchase the air
compressor. A standard Sears compressor will not work. The Super Shot
canister has to be charged to 200psi. You can purchase the whole
package: Spray, Thinner, Super Shot and compressor for around $360.00.
This is the starter package. Then you can buy the spray in smaller

Jim Davis
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