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Re: Digital Cameras

It depends what you need the camera for.  I have seen Mavica results - they
are not so good.  The transfer rate from camera to floppy, plus the
processing tim in camera, are also very slow.  Ideal for web graphics, fun
We have a Kodak DC210+.  Much better quality, but some of the foregoing
still applies.

Definitely see one lworking before you buy.

G Luck

Steve Thomas

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Date: 02 July 1999 20:40
Subject: Re: Digital Cameras

>>Im thinking about getting a Digital camera here......any suggestions? I
>>heard the Sony Mavica series are great cuz they can store your Images on a
>These web sites compare and review digital cameras
>My public pgp key can be accessed at <http://www.pgpkeys.mit.edu>.
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Please: Stay on topic. Trim quoted messages.
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