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Re: Paper thickness, price, and the Stylus 740

Bruce Roorda wrote:
> Bill Cameron's post raises a question I'll bet someone on the list
> can answer:  Is there a reference on the web that clearly explains
> paper thickness specifications?
> John Goerger's post is helpful, but as I understand it, not all
> paper "weights" are based on the same size sheet, and it seems
> that actual thickness could vary with the density of the paper for
> two papers of the same weight.
> And what does "gsm" specify (e.g. "250gsm" in post from J. Arthur
> Davis)?
Media thickness is most commonly measured in mils or points, however the
thickness has no bearing on weight. I very dense media like film that is
4mils thick would weigh much more than a 4mil thick piece of tissue
Your right about weights, there are  5 "weights" in pounds that are
commonly used, as well as other less commom weights, with each one
having a different basis weight.
They are;
BOND 17"x22"x500 sheets
TEXT 25"x38"x500 sheets
COVER 20"x26"x500 sheets
BRISTOL 22.5"x28.5"x500 sheets
INDEX 25.5"x30.5"x500 sheets
Gsm is the way most people specify "grams per square meter" in emails.
It is a little difficult if not impossible with some email programs to
insert a super script 2, as in gmsÓ, I'm not even sure if that is the
right way to type it, Its been so long since I've used it. 
Most Inkjet Coaters use the BOND measurment when specifying a weight in
pounds. This is beacause, like us, most of them were or still are diazo
coaters. Diazo (blueprint) paper uses the bond basis, so most of us
stuck with the bond weight basis. IMHO gsm is far superior because it is
constant, a gram is a gram is a gram and a meter is a meter is a meter.

John Goerger
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