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RE: really bad color scans from canon 2710F scanner

I find it hard to tell from the description exactly where the problem would

Using my FS2710, I generally have no problems with colour from slides or
negs, going from Canon software to PS 5 on a PC win98. Printing on Photo 700

Have you fully familiarised yourself with all the scanner software settings?
Have a good read of the Adobe Acrobat based handbook - it has lots of info.

The "exposure" setting under "settings"? Adjusting the image, adjusting the
histogram or colour balance in "adjust"?

I have found what imports via twain into PS5 looks just how it will print
with my set-up.

I just spent all day scanning and printing B&W and was getting some pretty
good results.

Can you describe your problems a bit more accurately - scanner settings,
film type etc etc - give the whole workflow? Mind you, we are talking
pc/mac, different Espons, maybe different versions of PS?

Tim A

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