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Re: need ADOBE RGB

In a message dated 7/1/99 3:41:04 PM, rohcris@vtx.ch writes:

<< Is there a way (special folder, special suffix..) to save these 
Bruce RGB settings and have them listed in the dropdownmenu, along with 
Adobe RGB and with its proper name rather than custom ? >>

	The person that created the BruceRGB setting mentioned the other day 
that he doesn't really use it anymore but prefers Adobe RGB.  Something to 
take under consideration.  
	I don't know that having it available in the RGB Setup box is 
possible aside from using custom to access Bruce RGB from your System 
Profiles>ColorSync Profiles. When you switch RGB Setup box settings I think 
it a good idea to remember to set your RGB Default to the same setting by 
going to Control Panels>ColorSync>RGB Default and load whatever setting you 
are using in the RGB Setup box.
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