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Re: Maxim/Ultra print coatings

Andrew Collings wrote:
> I spoke to a gentleman from Maxim/Ultra print coatings and he indicated he
> can achieve 100 yr fade-resistance/non-yellowing prints via coating a
> standard epson ink print with his chemicals.
> Does anyone have any info on this? Are we all somehow missing the boat on
> this product or are the claims unreal?
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I have used his spray UV coating over dye based HP inks for over a year
and they truly do hold up. My testing has given this product a thumbs
up. I have not used his paper coating liquid yet, but intend to do some
testing in the very near future.

If you order his product be prepared for a shock. A gallon of the UV
spray sells for $185.00 plus you will need a gallon of resolvent to thin
the product. It is quite heavy and will not flow through most spray
guns. He advises cutting the spray so it can be sprayed.

Again, an excellent product.

Jim Davis
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