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Re: Searching on archives

At 11:07 PM 6/30/99 -0700, Barbara wrote:

>I have a question about the archives. I searched tonight on the word
>"pizza" and I KNOW there have been a lot of posts on this subject! It
>said "no matches." What am I doing wrong?

Nothing, I'm afraid.  Lots of folks have reported
the same problem, and I've experienced it myself.

>Also, if anyone has the definitive answer for curing pizza wheel tracks,
>would love to be sent the post. I have the one from Troy about the shims
>and am wondering if this is truly the last word and the cure for this.
>Didn't have them on my EX but do on my new 1200!  Thanks!

You'll find the "definitive answer" to the pizza-wheel
problem in the same place as the "defnitive answer" to
the head-clogging problem, print-archiving problem, and
the cartridge-refilling problem.

In other words:  it doesn't exist.  Many home remedies,
but very few silver bullets.  Heck, without these 
problems, what we talk about?

rafe b.

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