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Re: 750 ink cartridge vs. 700 cartridge

At 10:21 PM 6/30/99 -0400, Peter Tattersall wrote:

>As an aside:
>About twenty years ago I had a small darkroom at home where I processed
>colour prints, but I had to shut down when I changed houses. Somehow
>photography was never quite the same, and my output dwindled almost to
>nothing. Photoshop got me started working with images again, but the lack of
>quality output still held me back. The combination of the 750 and the Nikon
>has pulled me all the way back in. Ain't progress grand?!

I try to restrain myself from "me-too" responses, but
Peter describes my own situation pretty closely.  Back
in high school I used to shoot a roll of Tri-X every
single day, develop the film after school, and make
prints after supper.  [The life of a yearbook photo-

We did a little Cibachrome work as well, but mostly
B & W; color printing was just a bit too tough, and
too expensive.

My film scanner and my Epson have changed all that.

The next step, ironically, will be to approach B & W
work again, via digital means.  For that I'll need
another Epson (maybe a used 800?) to try out the
infamous Dan Culbertson Quad Tone techniques.

rafe b.

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