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Re: 6X6 digital backs (O.T.)

"Rafe B." wrote:

> At 03:19 PM 6/29/99 -0700, David Spellman wrote:
> >Rafe B. Babbled On, Something about:
> Mr. Spellman, there's really no need to
> be rude.  I was asking a question, in fact,
> and as prelude, presenting my own understanding
> of the situation.
> Your expertise is appreciated, but your ego
> can take a flying leap.


    My apologies about the "babbling" thing -- I was working from a
different computer for that reply, and the mailer has about a dozen
nasty or irreverant things (like the "'Rafe B.' wrote:" above) that it
cycles through automatically. It was...er...my *computer's* ego at
fault. Yeah, that's it...

    This computer just has the one bland one.

    I'm just glad it wasn't the one that cycles through a bunch of
*really* rude taglines and puts them at  the end of the message <G>.
Back in the old FIDO mail days we had a lot of fun with those. Sort of
message "bumper stickers." Most of the current mailers default to No

    Anyway, my apologies again if you were offended, and I'll try to
remember to turn that feature off if I use that mailer again on this

    My ego sends its regards, and wants to know if you'd prefer a full
or half-twist on that flying leap...


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