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Re: 6X6 digital backs.

"J. Arthur Davis" wrote:

> Robert Hildebrand wrote:
> >
> > Last week I went to look at  the digital backs over at Megavision. They are in
> > Santa Barbara , Calif.    There were two, one a  4 meg.  pixel back and the
> > other a 6 meg.  pixel back. The 6 meg. back giving color 18 meg. files,  was
> > going for  $23,000.00  US.  I sort of choked when I herd the price.
> >    When I looked at the 24x36 inch prints on display,  I could just start seeing
> > the pixels appear.  I have to admit that
> > I gave them a close look, and it was just on the edge.    The print quality was
> > beautiful.  Images were first rate.
> > The images had a quality hard to achieve with negatives of any size.
> > I would love to have one, I just can't justify the cost,  I don't have nearly
> > the volume of work to justify it.
> > Robert H.
> Robert:
> If you really want to choke take a look at the Better Light back By
> Calumet. Great images but the price will break the bank.
> Jim Davis

    The Betterlight backs are actually by Mike Collette, who designed the original
Dicomed scanback series of backs as well (but not the BigShot or LittleBigShot array
    Those backs can produce files of up to 288 MB, with incredible color fidelity and
clarity. At that size file, even a scanned 4x5 will actually begin to image grain,
rather than additional detail, but the Betterlight scanback files, being digitally
produced, will never have grain.

    Robert is correct, however -- digital backs' cost have mostly relegated them to
photographers who have sufficient volume to warrent them.


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