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Re: Newbie help with choice of Epson printer

Hi Sam, and everyone,
I was going to wait a day or so before responding, to see if any more people 
wanted to offer suggestions for me. I really appreciate the generous and 
thoughtful comments by Jerry, Jim, and Ben, as well as Sam. To answer Sam, I 
really meant it, "NEWBIE," :-) and have not considered any printer BUT Epson, 
because I was gathering that Epson seems to be the in-studio industry 
standard...especially the 3000.  That is, there are various archival inks and 
papers that will work with it, it will print in various sizes, and lots of 
other artists are using this printer to do what I want to do with it, so I 
can probably can get advice when needed.  Plus, it seems to be popular enough 
that Epson will continue to support this printer.  So, no, I haven't checked 
out the Alps printers and can't add anything that would help you. (As far as 
sharpness of printed text, my text would be text I had scanned into Photoshop 
for printing out as a graphics file, not a text file, anyway, if that makes a 
difference.)  If you find out more though, please post what you learn.

I want to also get back to Jerry and Ben and Jim, and will do that when I 
have absorbed and considered the points they made and formulated a couple 
more questions. Thanks again to all of you.  I really appreciate the 
generosity and expertise of the folks on this list.

<< Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 11:49:22 -0400
From: "Sam A. McCandless" <samcc@compuserve.com>
Subject: Need newbie help with choice of Epson printer!
Pat -
Are you thinking only about Epson inkjets because you have considered and
rejected the Alps printers? Everything I know about them is either from
Alps promo or hearsay, but I have the impression that at least the newest
Alps (MD5000?) is potentially sharper than the Epsons and the Iris,
especially, but not only, in text (which I seem to care more about than
nearly everyone contributing to this list). With OEM materials, Alps prints
also seem to be more archival than the Epson prints, perhaps so much so
that for that reason Alps users have reported relatively little
experimentation with archival papers.

In any case, if you considered and rejected the Alps, I'd like to know what
you learned that discouraged you. My own impression is that for low-volume
and relatively small-format work it's an intriguing possibility at roughly
the same cost (without the dye-sub option or the PostScript option, which
add to the appeal for me). But if you or others on the list say not so,
maybe I'll cross it off my list too and simplify my own explorations.
samcc@compuserve.com >>

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