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Re: Lyson Fotonic Professional - Specific Answers

In <URL:news:lokaal.epson> on Tue 29 Jun, Jon Cone wrote:

> Ernst wrote
> > manufactured by
> > HahnemŸhle


And now the 285 gsm Lysonic; Moulin du GuŽ BFK Rives 270 gsm made by
Arches = Arjo Wiggins. Not so sure about this one as the wire marks are
covered too much by the coating. Slightly more pressed too.
If I'm wrong the next candidate is a specially made museum carton
(passepartout) by HahnemŸhle again.

The 310 gsm Lysonic is the most difficult; too many candidates.
Could be one of the HahnemŸhle rag papers for stoneprinting or the Dutch
Velouwe paper made by Schut and distributed by Modo Van Gelder, Zerkall
or an Arches Velin. No wire marks either but the texture is more
pronounced in one direction. Could be the mark of the long sieve but
that is strange given the weight of the paper. The grain on top shows
that it is pressed as well.

All the Lysonic papers are whiter than the originals. Due to the coating
and not by extra whiteners I hope.

Ernst Dinkla  Serigrafie,Zeefdruk            The point will never be metric

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