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Re: Art Prints

AliTrier@aol.com wrote:
> I am a fledgeling artist who lives in the Twin Cities.  I have been told that
> prints of my artwork would probably sell.  I am interested in making these
> prints myself.  I have tried many ways of making these myself in the past,
> but it was only in the last tow weeks that I heard of micro piezo technology.
>  It would seem to me that this is what I want.  I have a Mirage IIse scanner
> that scans 11X17 images now, but I need a printer (the best I have ever used
> was an HP 1120).  What kind of printer would the list suggest to me.  I have
> found an Epson 3000 refurbished for 899.99.  Is this what I want?  My work is
> mostly pen and ink and pencil.
> Thanks for any advice
> Eric
I would say for pen ink and pencil the 3000 will work fine.
You may want to check with West Photo at 21 University Ave. N.E.
They have specials on printers from time to time and sell supplies for
printers also.
*DISCLAIMER* They are a Val-Hues dealer
John Goerger
Toll Free 1-800-323-9642 USA ONLY
1-847-439-7111 Fax: 1-847-439-6887
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