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Re: 6X6 digital backs.

At 01:18 PM 6/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Last week I went to look at  the digital backs over at Megavision. They
are in
>Santa Barbara , Calif.    There were two, one a  4 meg.  pixel back and the
>other a 6 meg.  pixel back. The 6 meg. back giving color 18 meg. files,  was
>going for  $23,000.00  US.  I sort of choked when I herd the price.
>   When I looked at the 24x36 inch prints on display,  I could just start
>the pixels appear.  I have to admit that
>I gave them a close look, and it was just on the edge.    The print
quality was
>beautiful.  Images were first rate.
>The images had a quality hard to achieve with negatives of any size.
>I would love to have one, I just can't justify the cost,  I don't have nearly
>the volume of work to justify it.
>Robert H.

A few more items that may interest you, then...

1)  Nikon's latest high-end digital SLR, the D1
is due out this fall, at around $5800 US.  Has
a good-sized CCD imager, and 2.7 million pixels,
takes standard Nikon lenses, with a 1.5 focal-
length multiplier.

2.) Sinar-Bron's "Leaf Volare" back has a 6 Mpixel
CCD imager, 24x36 mm, for $27K.  Ouch.  This back
fits "most popular" medium-format cameras.

3.) Polaroid's SprintScan 45 has a 2000x4000 pixel
resolution, it seems (check out their web site.)
That ought to do a respectable job, at least.
I used 1950 dpi for quite a while on 35 mm film,
and that yields a very respectable 8x10" print.
I wasn't able to find out the price, though.

rafe b.

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