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3000 leaving line of ink dots in paper margin

My Epson 3000 has just begun to leave a line of ink dots (that is obviously coming from 
the print head) just beyond the print image in color printing. When I print black only the line
 is in the image. The only reason I notice is by watching it print I saw that it  actually 
lays this line of ink dots down before the area is to be printed upon. I have cleaned both heads
numerous times to no avail. It will cease for a little while (about and inch of print) then 
begins agian. Does any one have any suggestions to how I can fix this or do you think I need
to have a new print head installed into the printer? The humidity also has been very high and 
could it be possible that if I resolved that it would stop.

Thanks for any help I can possible get. I've got a deadline creeping up on me and if I need to 
send the printer out to be repaired I end all possibilities of getting the job out.

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