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Re: Epson 3000 streaking problem

Joseph, Thanks, that took care of the problem for now, but what of the
future? This should NOT be happening. There are many times when I would
want to set a stack of paper in the machine and just run 20 or so
prints, and I do NOT want to have to sit at the printer and do this
manually.  I will call epson soon and see what they have to say about


 Jerry is this happening at the Bottom edge of the print (ie last part
> out of the printer?) about 2 inches in? If so, and you are using the
> auto feed tray - that's the problem. Try feeding the media in through
> the manual feed. The larger (and heavier media) has a hard time making
> that last couple of inches through the auto feed, and so you'll notice
> streaking at about 2" from the edge of the print. This goes away if you
> feed in through the back.
> Hope this helps.
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