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Re: Canvas to 3000

There are medium format cameras that won't break your back (see article in
Aug '99 issue of Outdoor Photographer on hiking with Mamiya 7).  These
cameras are not as versatile as 35mm systems, but do a fine job for some
applications (landscape for instance).  I use the Mamiya 7 and a 35mm
system, each has its place. The Mamiya gives larger scanned files and better
definition for large output (say 16 x 20" or larger). You don't necessairly
need a drum scan to see this benefit in medium format. The Imacon CCD
scanner will give 2400 dpi in this format, an 800% enlargement for output at
300 dpi.
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From: Robert Hildebrand <hildeb@gte.net>
To: epson-inkjet@leben.com <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Date: Saturday, June 26, 1999 9:24 PM
Subject: Re: Canvas to 3000

>  Hi Tim,
>    I'm now 55 years old.  Size and weight of a camera and lenses  are
>issues, at least for me.  I also have a bad back.  There SEEMS to be no or
>few advantages with all the medium format scanners I am aware of,  over a
>good 35 mm  camera system  and film scanner.  I think the major jump in an
>advantage  comes with 4x5, which I
>no longer carry around.  As far as I know,  you have to go to a drum
>scanner  to get good use of your 6x6 negs or slides.  If Anyone know better
>, please let me know. Robert H.
>Tim Catlin wrote:
>> Jack Winberg wrote:
>> >Why jump to a 4 x 5 though?
>> Well, many photo folks I talk to say that if you are going to upgrade
>> from 35 mm to a medium format camera, it is not much more or even
>> comparable in price to just go to 4 x 5...unless size of the camera is an
>> issue. Plus, 4x5 gives you a bigger bang for your buck for
>> scanning/printing.

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