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Re: Canvas to 3000

Tim Catlin wrote:
> Jack Winberg wrote:
> >Why jump to a 4 x 5 though?
> Well, many photo folks I talk to say that if you are going to upgrade
> from 35 mm to a medium format camera, it is not much more or even
> comparable in price to just go to 4 x 5...unless size of the camera is an
> issue. Plus, 4x5 gives you a bigger bang for your buck for
> scanning/printing.
> I'm sure many will disagree with this, but I've heard it from numerous
> photographers.
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It is not just a film size issue. First you have camera size. A 4x5 is a
much heavier camera and takes up more camera case space. You now need a
heavier tripod. More weight and space. Film for smaller format cameras
come on rolls. You can put 20 rolls of film / 200 shots on 120 and over
400 shots 35mm in a space of 5x3x3 inches. To put that many shots in
film holders would require a large suitcase. Next film costs. 4x5 film
is much more expensive than roll film. Processing is by the sheet and
will run you about $2.00 per sheet. 2 film holders with film @?, 4
sheets of film processing @$8.00. More than a complete roll of 10-15
shots of 120.

Next. 4x5 is not a point and shoot camera. It takes time and space to
setup and shoot. Some areas will not allow you to setup tripods.

The difference between a good 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 transparency and a 4x5 may
not be worth the extra cost. I have used 8x10, 4x5, Medium format, and
35 mm cameras over my 38 years of being a professional photographer. I
can honestly say that I get more than acceptable results out of the
medium format transparencies. I have been printing 34x28 inkjet prints
with medium format transparencies for over a year. I have yet to have a
print rejected by one of my commercial clients.

Look around, you can purchase a good used medium format camera with
lenses for a lot less than a 4x5 with a lens.

Jim Davis
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