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Re: Roland ink made by Epson ? No, I've been told...

> Dear Jon,
> I have a question(s) that I thought I was clear on but a flurry of emails
> on epson/inkjet a while back left me wondering but too other-focused at the
> time to  ask.  Concerning the Prove It! and EZ Color.  A lot of folks were
> talking about using them together in some way and here's a quote from one
> person:
>      <<<Buy EZColor with the colorimeter for $450, paying $200 for the
> Sequel IV
> colorimeter. Buy Prove It! for $50. Since they both support the same
> colorimeter, I can profile my monitor with whichever package I like,
> probably Prove It!, and use EZColor for my scanner and printer profiles.
> What's wrong with this idea? Then buy a hopefully-cheap EZColor upgrade when
> they add CMYK support. What RIP will I use? Adobe PressReady, when it comes
> out this summer.>>>

e-mail me offline for biz matters is preferrable. But it's good for list
readers to know that wning both EZ and Prove it! would be redundant. We may
have posted something to the contrary on the site and I am looking for it to
correct that!



Jon Cone

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