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Re: Settings in PhotoShop - an Update

At 06:01 PM 6/25/99 -0400, sam wrote:

>I think Russells advice contradicts others who say to leave printer color
>management OFF and let PS do thework
>  I share all of your frustrations because sometimes i get a print that's
>on, and using the same settings with a different file, pure garbage.
>There is a serious problem here in that between Adobe, Epson  and all the
>revered PS Authors like Blatner and Fraser all of whom are taking our
money,  no
>one has written and illustrated a comprehensive guide to getting photoshop to
>work with Epson or any inkjet for that matter.  The hardware and software
>vendors are ignoring there customers as are the independent authors who are
>writing only towards professional Pre-press work.
>  <snip>
>sorry for my venting.....but it happens after staying up all night printing a
>picture of a gorilla and getting one with blue hair!

All of this is kind of sad, but also kind of
unnecessary, IMHO.  I've been steadfastly hanging
in with Photoshop 4.01 (on a Win95 machine) and
I just don't have these problems.

Granted, I'm not on an Epson 1520 or 3000, I'm not
printing through a RIP, and I'm not printing on
archival papers with archival inks.

In my experience, with a Stylus Color 600, and a
Photo 700, using Epson inks, and Epson Photo
Paper, I'm convinced that the printer itself is 
"accurate" enough so as not to need any sort of 
profile to work properly.

Adobe may have made a bold move with Photoshop 5,
but they've also created a world of confusion.
I've seen a lot of intelligent folks get seriously
thrown for a loop by... whatever's going on here.

As to calibrating my scanner, I've given up.  Every
slide and negative is a clean slate and a special case.  
Five or ten minutes in the scanner driver usually gets
me pretty close, though.

I don't expect, or require, perfect WYSIWG between 
the monitor and the printed output.  It's close,
but I don't rely on the *visual* feedback from the
monitor to do the most critical color-correction

There's no punchline here, or any moral to this story;
I just sort of wanted to do some "venting" of my
own.  I see a bunch of people running in circles
trying to achieve the Nirvana of Color Calibration,
and it just strikes me as... an idea that's just
not-quite ready for Prime Time.

There are lower-tech, more affordable, and more funda-
mental techniques to get where you're going.

If anyone cares to carry on this conversation off-line,
feel free to email me.  I'm concerned that I may
alienate a few of the regulars around here if I
continue with my harangue...

rafe b.

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