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Re: Epson Transparancy Material (How good?)

You might want to look into renting a OPAQUE overhead projector. Some work
with video and some use mirrors and optics to project the image to a screen.
It's just like an overhead transparency projector but the art is top lit.
And if you want to point out certain areas you retain the ability to use a
pointer over the original and not a laser pointer aimed at the screen. This
may cost a bit to rent but you don't have to reprint or photograph the
original files.
I was also going to suggest a video projector that can be hooked up to a
laptop for projection of the original files. Can the Epson prints stand that
side by side comparison.
Most Hotel Conference centers or large cities Audio Visual Suppliers know
how to rent this type of equipment. Quality varies greatly brand to brand
and by renters maintenance abilities.

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From: Fred J. Keene <fkeene@swva.net>
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Sent: Friday, June 25, 1999 10:56 AM
Subject: Epson Transparancy Material (How good?)

> I am planning a seminar on Digital Photography and need to project copies
> of pictures which I have printed on my Epson Stylus Photo printer.
> My initial thought was to photograph 35mm slides of the pictures for
> projection.  I am now wondering about printing the picture files on
> transparency material using the Epson Stylus Photo printer.
> So.....my  question is....will Epson transparency material give projected
> color pictures as good as I would get from 35mm slide copies of the
> pictures?   I have been very satisfied with the print quality of pictures
> on Epson's Photo paper from this printer, but I am reluctant to buy the
> transparency material (at $49/30 sheets) without some confidence that I
> will get good results.
> ...Fred
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