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Re: New Ilford Paper (tips)

At 11:30 PM 6/22/99 +0100, Dave Stubbs wrote:

>In message <199906222036.PAA80109@nu.binary.net>, John Nollendorfs
><sinar1@binary.net> writes
>>Just received Ilford's "Insider Guide to Great Desktop Photos", that has a
>>tip on the "bronzing" effect in blacks that several people have reported.
>>There is also a comparison of Resin Coated papers (Ilford) and Cast Coated
>>papers (Epson). The long and the short of that is that Ilford offers better
>>resistance to fading, does not "ripple" with heavy coverage, 
>The long and short of it is:
>The new Ilford paper don't work with Epson printers and inks.
>I've tried every setting recomended by Ilford (and some more) and short
>of only printing super high-key pastel images you end up with a cludgy
>damp mess which dries to look like an aligator's backside.
>I want my money back! 

As I recall, Dave's experience was pretty typical.
I came to the same conclusion -- Ilford's paper
just isn't made for use on Epson printers.

Epsons really want kaolin-coated stock, not resin-

rafe b.

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