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Re: Egroups how do you search?

Hey I had a hell of time searching Egroups too until I did this"

1- Step 1 log to the Egroups.com page.

2- type in Epson  just Epson hey it works for me

3- You will see just 2 to 3 Egroups and the Epson-inkjet page is there so 
click on it

4- Now you will see the whole year as a month to month posting count for the 
Epson-inkjet Egroup. 

5 now is the time to search.

I just typed in windex but you have to wait about 60 seconds sometimes 90 to 
get the results

Hey I found all my windex posting in about 60 seconds and posted the page 

              All I know is this seems to work for me so I use it

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