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Re: Banner prints longer than 44ins with stylus 3000 - how?

Mike Mercer wrote:
> Does anyone know if it is possible to print a 3 metre long banner using the Epson stylus color 3000?
> The limit for banner paper in the printer set-up dialog is 44 inches. In theory, it  should be possible to print any length. Is there any way around this?


I'm printing 72" x 16" prints from Photoshop like this:

1. Select EXACTLY half of the image (the left half).

2. Copy/Create New Document/Paste.

3. Set up the page (make sure the printer is in Banner Mode and paper
source set to Manual-Banner) using Long Paper 17" x 36" and print this

4. Go back to the original document, Select Inverse and repeat 2-3.

This gives me a seamless 72" print.


Trevor Phillips
School of Botany
La Trobe University
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