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Re: Re: Any good ideas for mats?

Pre-cut mats - Nielsen & Bainbridge, 800-526-9073
    Artcare Pre-Cut Museum Mats -
        Gallery Collection - double thick white
        Presentation Collection - white/black core
        (outside 11x14 and 16x20, inside various openings, wide borders)
(available from Pearl Art Supply, 10 locations, 800-451-7327 or direct in

Cut your own at home - Altos Mat Cutting System, 800-225-2497
    The system for those with mat cutting phobia. Video available
        #4501 Base and Cutter $80 from Dick Blick, 800-929-4548
            $93 from Light Impressions, 800-828-6216
            $70 from Presto, 800-335-9096
        #4505 Brass Base and Cutter, $105, Presto
        (I have the Brass Base version which I bought several years ago at a
trade show.)
        (I bought the newer Cutter from Pearl with a local Art League 40%
off coupon.)

Cut your own locally - computer guided laser mat cutter
    For me this is Art Framing Wholesalers in Alexandria, VA.

Custom cut mats in quantity.
    Cardcrafts - 800-777-6287

Kathryn Reddie

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