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Re: Big Trip : general photography list

> Wow what a project..  wish you luck and pleasure..
> There is a general purpose photography list called Photoforum where you
> might get interesting answers to some of your questions.. this list does also
> manage a member's gallery which is updated every week and other members
> reviews the pictures presented..

Thanks Christina,
    Looked at the lists. There was a grate list of some Photographic lists that I
will be checking out. But for now I don't think standard photography lists will
do it.  Sense the information  Im trying to gather is not photographic, but  more
on the electrical side. Not even portable computing will do it.  I don't think
that  there is a list covering specifically what Im trying to do.  Its too left
field.  Its guess the information is more electronic engineering than
Thanks Again
Robert H

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