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Re: Grey looking prints from 1200

Well, I've just acquired a 1200. One of the question I'd like to ask is :

Did the original poster tell on what kind of paper he was printing ?  I got very 
different results depending on the paper used.

My first tests were made with the target from Photodisc mentionned some time 
ago by CD Tobie. The print made on photoquality inket paper looked a tad 
yellow and more muddy than the ones run on the photo paper. The ones 
printed on the photo paper didn't have that touch.. However they were slightly 
too red in the light tones (from the four faces at the bottom, three were 
excellent; but the second one beginning left, that of the baby with the 
smoothest skin tone, looked bad : too much on the yellow for the highlits on 
the left part of the forhead and too much pink/red on the other part of the 
forehead.. the two tones didn't offer a nice continuous meshing (well I'm a little 
picky may be).. but it looked not as good as the other faces... 

Without knowing neither the paper nor the setting used by the original poster, 
it would be difficult to draw any conclusion.. May be that the printer is better 
calibrated for the photopaper than for the other papers ?  Also unlike the 800, 
the 1200 doesn't offfer as many ICM profiles as papers .. I wonder wether this 
couldn't turn out to be a problem ?


> I am buying a 1200 this week, but would like to find out more about the
> "grey look" in 1200 prints reported in earlier postings.
> Does anyone have answers to the following:
> Is the grey look a lack of contrast or lack of color saturation ?
> Could it be related to Mac or PC color management ?
> Is the problem new inks or drivers ?
> Thanks in advance for any help.

Christiane Roh
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