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Epson 9000 output comparison/HiFi Jet

Hi Juergen,

I was thinking that some enterprising listmember might have taken the Roland
Pigmented inkset out of the Roland Carts and refilled epson carts.  Doesn't
look like it so far from the lack of response.


> Juergen Roesch 

> >  If I knew that the desktop models will take
> > the Roland
> > Pigmented inkset, my problem is solved, I'd much rather use the desktop
> > printer for the small stuff.   I wonder if anyone can confirm running the
> > Roland Pigmented 6 color inkset in the 5000 the EX or the 900.
> There is no desktop printer where the cartridges of the Roland would fit in.

> Juergen Roesch
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