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Re: Calibration 101

Hi Javier,

With window, unlike with Mac, only Photoshop offers a compensated view of 
what your picture should look in the ideal working space; the other app. don't; 
so you have to choose another way of working : for instance do all the colour 
correction in PS5 ... and if you want your definitive file to be tagged with the 
right format, you'll have to save it in PS5.. not easy workaround..this far..  :-(

> I have opened an image (TIF) created in Photoshop5 with the monitor
> compensation box checked (Adobe RGB 1998 as working space ) and opened it
> in PaintShop Pro or Illustrator 8 and it looked on-screen as in PS5
> without monitor compensation box checked. (Looked flat). If I save the
> same image as BMP and loaded as desktop wallpaper, it also looked flat.
> Should I change to monitor   profile and edit the image when  the output
> is going to be on screen or another graphic program? 

Christiane Roh
C'est toujours a l'imparfait de l'objectif
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