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Re: Slide Show

>If you don't want to spend a great amount of time making fancy slides
>Microsoft's Power Point is by far the best slide show creation tool
>Some may argue, but I'll stand behind this statement. I have been
>creating slide shows for over 30 years and Power Point made slide show
>production so easy a 5th grader can create slides as good as a corp.

Might be true. But I never will let Microsoft off the hook when they build
on some other program and then just rename it--in this case Aldus
Persuasion. At the Mac show in January the Microsoft Word rep actually
admitted that they simply took Lotus 1-2-3 and added a few things here and
there and packaged it is as Excel. He also said that doing so was almost
the same as creating the program from scratch.

That's how PowerPoint was born.

Ken Rubin
Garden Wall Graphics
Struggling Epsonologist
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