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Re: The real problems with Epson sponge cartridges and thesolutions

     To: Arthur Davis :

In a message dated 99-06-13 22:46:29 EDT, you wrote:

What Epson printers are you talking about supplying refill kits for?
I would be interested for a refill kit for a Stylus Color 800.>>

Well one possible kit can fill any Epson cartridge set you can use it for any 

Any  new Epson 1200 and 900 owners out there?

The kit can fill any Epson Cartridge!

All you do is get an empty cartridge and either modify it for super fast and 
easy refills  this requires bonding in vacuum fittings, or you can take a 
second approach and use a universal aircraft sealing tape to seal all the ink 
feeds to the cartridge.

 This tape is not your typical adhesive roll tape, it  is 1/8 inch thick and 
seals like crazy! It should that is why it is called sealant tape!  It is 
used to make million dollar aircraft parts it seals real good guys!

Hey the tape goes on in 60 seconds and is thrown away after each. a 25 foot 
roll costs only about $5.00. You only use about 2 inches per refill so one 
roll should last you a lifetime.

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