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Re:Trading 800 and 750 ink cartridges for 1200 or 3000 cartridges + cash....

Hi all,

I upgraded to a Epson 1200 printer from an Epson 800SC. I still have 2
color 800  cartridges and 2 black 800 cartridges. I ordered some 1200
cartridges from MacWarehouse, and they sent one, and backordered 3.
Unfortunately instead of a 1200 color cartridge, they sent me a 750
cartridge. (Color) and it does NOT fit!

Does anyone want to trade? I can sure use some color and black 1200
cartridges fast! Like REALLY fast.  

I also have a 3000, if anyone would like to trade something for the 750
cartridge. (With a little cash to boot of course, I'm sure the 3000
cartridges are in the $40 range, and the 750 was only about $20.
Macwarehouse said to just keep the 750, as it was too much trouble to
return it. That was nice of them.

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