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Re: failure to print to end of line (3000)

Ken Johnston kindly wrote:
>Bobbo, thanks for posting this! I had downloaded the newest 3000 driver you
>also, but decided I'd wait to install until others on this list mentioned
>gains or losses from their upgrading. If anyone has had any similar
>experiences, or benefits or fixes from this driver,  would appreciate hearing
>from you. Don't ya' just hate it when 'New and Improved' isn't?
>Ken Johnston
I should add that the illustrious CDTobie wrote to let me know he's had no
problems with the new driver. So this is not a problem everyone will
experience. Mine showed up on a G3 Series PowerBook. CDT runs a G3
Minitower. But if you want to try the new driver (and I don't even know
what the advantages are), just be sure to preserve the original installer
somewhere so you can return if your experience mirrors mine.


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