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Re: how much printing with regular inks?

Robert Hildebrand wrote:
> Hans,
>  When I first started refilling color cartrages it was a mess.  Now I no
> longer use tape to cover the bottom holes , I use  my fingers and apply
> pressure.  If I were to use gloves it would even be neeter.  I know it sounds
> messy but
> I find it far less messy than tape that never holds.

You do not use any type of seal that is punctured by the
inlet nipple?

Do you leave the old punctured film, and the old black plug,
in place?

And do you let it drain just a little by gravity?

If so, then you are making the epson cleaning utility do a
little more work when you prime the cartridge. This method
may leave air bubbles trapped within the ink outlet chamber
of the cartridge.

I use seals (which are punctured later) and apply a high
vacuum to remove air bubbles within the ink outlet.

Hans, here are some vacuum refilling links:


-- Ben Haskell

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