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Re: New 1200 impressions and questions.

At 09:57 AM 6/12/99 -0400, J. Lipmanson wrote:
>It varies, depending on what you are printing. Some images, obviously
>use more black. As an exaggeration, a very high-key photo would use less
>black usually.
>"Rafe B." wrote:
>> I've noticed, over a year or two of printing
>> photos on Epsons, that the black carts last
>> far, far longer than the color carts do --
>> usually at least 2x or 3x as long.

That's a good point.  As it turns out, most
of my images are medium- to high-key, I suppose.

Partly because I'm not terribly impressed with 
the way the Epson prints shadow detail.  That's
one are where I believe conventional "wet"
process still has a major edge.

Also, it's a matter of personal taste.  I want
light and color, not a bunch of shadows...

rafe b.

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