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Re: Calibration 101


Don't know if my description of the solution reached the list. Can't
remember seeing it. Think I'm getting punchy. Anyway, re-installing the
5.02 patch with the NEW one (dated 1999, way after the first version I
had applied) the monitor profile shows in the compensation window where
it should if it's loaded. Came up immediately with the new patch. This
was a known bug, per the support base at Adobe.

Second, Adobe has some Pentium III plugins that replace some already
there. They take advantage of MMX2.

J. Lipmanson

Bill Fernandez wrote:
> J--
> Selecting the monitor profile in Adobe Gamma works on my Windows 98 system,
> so I'm not sure what to do if it doesn't work on yours.  Just as a test,
> you might try using Adobe Gamma to make a new profile for your monitor and
> select that.  If it shows up in Photoshop's RGB Setup window, then this
> might indicate that there's something different about your Nokia profile.
> Nokia makes great monitors, I've used them happily for years.  My comment
> was about the sRGB color space.  sRGB was designed to match the color
> characteristics of old, cheap PC monitors.  Using it will make Photoshop
> TREAT your Nokia like a cheap monitor by severely limiting the gamut of
> anything it sends to your monitor for display.
> --Bill
> >Bill:
> >
> >Your solution below was the one I did at the outset. I have a profile in
> >\windows\system\color for my monitor, a Nokia 445Xi 21". This is the
> >loaded profile in Adobe Gamma. I even rechecked it before answering
> >this. Still, Photoshop shows sRGB. And in defense of the Nokia, it is
> >not a "crummy" monitor by any standard (I covered its ears when I read
> >your note).
> >
> >Any other ideas? I agree that your solution is the logical one, but
> >logic does not seem to be working here.
> >
> >J. Lipmanson
> >
> >Bill Fernandez wrote:
> >>
> >> BF:  This says that the monitor profile currently in use is Windows 98's
> >> default ICM profile, which assumes you have a crummy monitor.  If you have
> >> an existing monitor profile you like, then
> >>
> >> (A) place a copy of it in the "C:\windows\system\color\" directory with a
> >> filename ending in ".icm".
> >>
> >> (B) Then go to the Control Panels window, choose the Adobe Gamma control
> >> panel.
> >>
> >> (C) If it opens in the wizard interface clicke the "Control Panel" radio
> >> button, then the "Next" button at the bottom of the window.
> >>
> >> (D) Then, at the top of the window, press the "Load" button, and select
> >> your monitor profile.
> >>
> >> (E) Then close Adobe Gamma and run Photoshop.  In the RGB settings window
> >> you'll see that the monitor profile in use is now the one you loaded.
> >>
> >> >2. As for printing with my Stylus Photo and my 3000, I am now using ICM.
> >> >What should be chosen in the Photoshop Print screen under "space"?
> >
> >
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