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Re: RE: Workflow for printing with Photoshop 5

In a message dated 6/10/99 8:36:52 PM, ilyons@msn.com writes:

>Let me first say its gratifying to see so much interest in my article.
>THe article was for the 1200/750 in Windows only, mention of the Ex/750
>was in connection with Kok Leongs Q&A session and in Part 5 (the note).
>Cathy please don't misrepresent what I said, read the last line, "don't
>seem to work like previous drivers". BTW. it turns out that PCM "checked"
>"unchecked" dosn't actually matter. I'm not even going to try and explain,
>others on this list know precisely what I'm talking about (the real 
>and all will become clear soon, if they have the courage to come out and
>print the truth about PCM in Photoshop (may be they have and I missed it?).
>My final word on this list regarding the article. Print using whatever
>space you feel gives "You" the best results. If thats the setting I 
>OK, if not still OK by me, but please, please read the title of the article.

I think your piece has sparked some interesting issues, and hope you don't 
feel like you are on the hot seat due to the questions and comments following 
up on it. I agree that the PCM checkbox should probably have no effect on 
this print method; there are so many variables its hard to get an absolute 
answer for everything the first time around! There has been some back and 
forth about PCM in Photoshop previously, and the general answer is that it's 
only function is to send profile data down the data stream for later use, but 
PostScript and non-Postscript processes treat this differently. I'm awaiting 
some further info on other issues of applying color profiles in Windows, 
since it has a few quirks that may change the general rules. If I find out 
anything useful I'll send a note about it to this list.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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