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Re: Professional Results, What Are They?

ok, Mike, since I consider myself a professional. It is merely setting
standards that have been approved by peers to meet a level of expertise.
In other words, it depends on what level of achievement you want to
reach and that can be true for many fields other than art/photography.
Yes, you can achieve good results with inexpensive equipment, it doesn't
matter how you get there it is the end result that counts. BUT, if you
don't understand composition/ design/ color theory/ color harmony/ your
work is just not going to fly. Education is the KEY, and that is true
with any endeavor. You can have good teachers and bad teachers, but
there must be a criteria for evaluation . . .just because you can
produce images on a calendar doesn't mean it is art, it means you are
merely delivering a product. And you must go through the school of hard
knocks, not have an ego, be able to accept criticism which is a
difficult thing to do, but you can grow . . .and that is what all of
these people on this list are doing!!! because they wouldn't be on this
list if they didn't want to Learn and expand and grow. And I am humbled
to be in the company of so many learned, educated people. :-)
my thoughts for the day!
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