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Re: Epson Photo EX and Photoshop 5.0.2

<<From: tomaz.klinc@fs.uni-lj.si :  Could somebody explain how to set up
Photoshop, Photo EX printer in
order to get on photo paper what I see on monitor (a Win 98 system).  I
used Adobe Gamma to calibrate my monitor as carefully as I could, followed
both manuals by the letter and the prints I'm getting are good enough to
make my granny happy.  Neither Automatic nor Advanced/ICM, with Printer
Color management off in PS's Print dialogue box, produce acceptable prints
(they are washed out and without blue in Automatic mode, dark and awash in
blue in Advanced/ICM).

I don't own an EX so I can't speak with any certainty but  the first
question I have is...we are talking PS5.02 here aren't we?

Second...what do you have your RGB profile set for...I use Bruce Fraser's
suggestions (see www.pixelboyz.com there is a pdf you can download with a
discussion and suggested settings).

The settings I use for my 700 are as follows:  PS5.02, monitor
characterized/calibrated using Adobe Gamma (using manufacturer supplied
profile as a starting point), RGB profile = Bruce Fraser's suggestions.
When printing:  'space=epson 700', UNcheck pcm, choose appropriate paper on
the epson side (I use the new photo paper), custom>advanced choose
microweave=super, ICM

Hope this helps...

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