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Re: Lumijet paper and ink

There have been a few posts on the issue.  My general feeling is one of
great satisfaction with the Platinum inks, especially on the Luminos papers.

My only concern is the strength of the Lumijet Lt.Magenta/Lt. Cyan.  Anyone
care to ease my concern or tell me if Dr. Wilhelm's laboratory has
generated any recent earth-shattering news on the issue?

-Andy Darlow

At 08:48 PM 6/8/99 -0700, you wrote:
>A number of people have commented on Lyson inks and others as well as
their papers
>designed for ink jet printing.  I have seen no memtion yet of Lumijet
>which have several sets of ink with ranges of 25-30 and 60-70 years when
used with
>compatible papers.  They also market paper for archival purposes which I have
>tried and found to be very nice in terms of ink appearance.  They can be
found at
>Their inks cover a range of Epson printers excluding for now the 1200
which they
>have said to me they will not consider until their is an expressed demand.
>I have a 1200 I have not used their ink.
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Please: Stay on topic. Trim quoted messages.
http://www.leben.com/lists for list instructions.

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