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Re: cmyk EPSON profiles

CDTobie@aol.com wrote:
>The ultimate workflow/printing method to an Epson printer may well be to edit
>in RGB, then print through a quality CMYK profile to a CMYK RIP. This dos not
>require that you work in, or even visably convert to, CMYK. However it leaves
>the back door available in case you wish to do a bit of CMYK editing. In the
>mean time it simply lets you, not Epson, decide what CMYK conversions, black
>curves, and ink limits you wish to use, and to have your color definitions
>occur in a more exacting place. This assumes a true CMYK RIP,  not StylusRIP.
>Don't let horror stories about StylusRIP scare you away from RIPs in general.

Hey CD!
That sums up about a million words in a nice short paragraph! Congrats!!

Dan Culbertson

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