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Re: new printer


I should be much more specific and precise. I also should not have said
7000/9000 "series" printers. Not that you or I or anybody except Epson might
know this (it'd even be hard for them to know), but I wonder what the
percentage of 3rd party ink users is for the 7500 and 9500 users who have
access to Epson's pigmented inks? In other words, when the same "type" of ink
is available from both Epson and 3rd parties for their large format printers,
how many opt for 3rd party ink? In the situations you outline (B&W and
pigmented color), there is no Epson option for the 7000 and 9000. So it makes
sense that if you want B&W or pigmented color ink you have no alternative
except to look at 3rd parties. I wonder how many users use 3rd party dye ink in
their 7000 or 9000?

I still stand by my initial point (which I don't want to get lost). What are
the main advanatges of the 2200/7600/9600 over their predecessors? 
1) Increased color gamut over previous formulation
2) Reduced metamerism
3) Superior black and white through use of 7th ink
4) Cost

ALL of these advantages except for #5 are a direct result of the UC inks. Maybe
there will be a big demand for 3rd party color pigmented ink for the
2200/7600/9600. But I just don't see it right now.

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