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Re: Status Monitor Locking Me Out!


In that case, Seth's suggestion of checking the Registry for remaining
Status Monitor left-overs is the next step. You say you don't like messing
with the Registry, but with Win XP you can hardly go wrong. Just set up a
new System Restore checkpoint before you start (so you can revert to it if
you don't like the result of your changes). Then Run Regedit. Click on My
Computer at the top and then on Edit/Find; enter STM3, and click on Find
Next. It will then go all through the Registry looking for STM3 entries;
when it stops and highlights one, just press the delete button. Then press
F3 to make it continue searching for other STM3 entries and delete them.
Eventually it will get to the end of the Registry, and you just close it.
Done! Reboot, check what your printers are doing without the leftovers, and
then reinstall your latest version of STM3. It is quite likely that the
earlier version of STM left behind bits that are upsetting the latest
version. If the earlier version was STM2, you should delete bits of that
that you see; they will be listed alongside the STM3 and printers in the
Registry sections.

If this doesnt work; we'll have to think again.

Bob Frost.

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Subject: Re: Status Monitor Locking Me Out!

> Bob,
> I'm at a loss. I uninstalled the status montior and everything works as I
> it to work. But I don't know what my ink levels are. I reinstalled the
> monitor and I have my ink levels back, but then I'm locked out again. All
> driver settings look right. Plus, simply by uninstalling and reinstalling
> status monitor, the driver settings don't change. So one would think that
> I'm locked out with the status monitor, I should be locked out without it.
> this isn't the case.
> So right now, I'm just going to drive without it.

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