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Re: Profile sharing

At 10:12 AM 6/15/02 -0700, Garry Sudell wrote:

>I purchased the scanner/camera/printer profiling
>software called Profile Prism and the developer
>encourages profile sharing by providing an ftp where
>this can be done.

Hi Garry,

There is a catch though.  You need a user ID and password to access the FTP 
site.  How do you get this ID and password?  You get it by purchasing his 
software.  I believe the Profile Prism license agreement prohibits sharing 
the profiles with users that haven't 1st purchased the software.

In any case, the following paragraph is located in the Profile Prism "help" 

"ICC profiles generated by Profile Prism software may only be used by the 
same individual/company to which Profile Prism is registered. A registered 
user of Profile Prism may use any profile generated by their copy of 
Profile Prism for any purpose without royalty fees, including sale of 
photographs. ICC profiles generated by Profile Prism may not, however, be 
distributed or made available online."


Johnny Johnson
Lilburn, GA

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