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Print Head Is Extremely Out of Alignment

Hi All,
I have an 1160 that twice now has gone totally out of alignment.  It will be
printing fine and then it will go all the way to the other end from resting
position and the lights will begin to blink. If I turn off the printer and
restart the head will return to its normal resting position. By the way,
when the printer is off the head can be moved freely similar to when one
uses the paper towel/windex cleaning method. When I begin to print again
"Print Head Alignment" is wayyyyy off. Instead of the lines being lined up
around the eight or so, in the Epson Utility Driver, the lines are totally
moved over about four lines so that the first four lines do not have their
complement line. 

The first time I had this problem, I was messing around with the head trying
to figure out what to do when I think my hand got in the way of the moving
head. Something happened whether, it was my hand or not I don't really know,
and the printer/head made a nasty crunching grinding noise. Unbelievably,
after this the print head was in alignment. Unfortunately, I am not able to
repeat this feat, nor do I really want to.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to realign a print head?


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