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re: Black leaking - 1270

Are we talking like puddles of ink streaks or does it look like some ink put on by a roller or maybe some fuzzles on the bottom of the printhead?

I would guess there is ink in the galley where the print head moves back and forth, and possibly on the bottom of the printhead carriage.

There are ways to clean these in the FAQ:


 >>  Epson 1270 using only OEM carts and paper --- suddenly black ink began to 
 >>  leak in streaks on prints. Ran the cleaning utility, changed the cart,
 >>  wasted 
 >>  good paper, cleaned and changed cart again. Nothing helps. Any ideas would
 >>  be 
 >>  so welcome. Or, if someone knows that this is the end of this printer, I
 >>  need 
 >>  to know that, too. Thanks in advance for any and every bit of help.

Epson Inkjet Printer FAQ: http://welcome.to/epson-inkjet
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