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Re: Is InDesign doing something special?

Earlier I reported a problem with MacOS 9.1, a 740 printer and 
text-only InDesign 2.0 single-page documents.

[ I filed some followups as well, but used the wrong "From" email 
address...and this listserv doesn't seem to notify the sender if a 
message is rejected. ]

The upper left corner of the document looks like it would from one of 
many other applications (fuzzy), and the remainder looks better. If I 
use InDesign to export to pdf, and then print the pdf from Acrobat, 
the whole page looks better.

I reported this problem at the Adobe InDesign web forum and someone 
followed up who had the same issue with an 880 printer. He or she 
said to play with color management in InDesign. I really do mostly 
black and white so am not really familiar with color management. But 
by turning it off I do get consistent "like other applications" 
output. I haven't found any setting that will make the whole page 
look better--just most of it.

So I'm not sure if this is a bug in InDesign color management or in 
the Epson driver.

BTW, this "better" output, upon examination with magnifying glass, 
shows missing dots within the black, which therefore isn't really 
black, but rather dark gray. But it's really good crisp output, even 
on some papers that normally do not, using 1440 photo setting.
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