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RE: Web forum rather than email list (invite)

I clicked onto this URL and, not having time just then, added the url to my
list of favourites so that I could examine the site later. A minute later my
firewall program warned me that tssphoto.com was attempting to download an
icon with a bad format.

Just thought you ought to know -- being paranoid, I've deleted the URL for

Asterlil's Digital Artworks

> From: "Royce Bair" <royce@tssphoto.com>
> One of the problems I've found with email lists is that the only way
> it's "organized" is by subject lines, web forums are better organized
> with general topics and discreet threads. To help everyone out I
> recently put together a web forum. It now has all the bugs worked out
> of it. i just wanted to invite you all over. You can find it at
> <http://www.tssphoto.com/forum/index.php> or if you visit
> inkjetart.com, it's in the blue menu on the top of every page.

Turn off HTML mail features. Keep quoted material short. Use accurate
subject lines. http://www.leben.com/lists for list instructions.

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