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file sizes ( was w2k ram limits)


> As for 550 MB medium format scans, I
have never had a medium format, large format, or 35mm scan even at maximum
optical resolutions of or anywhere near that size.  I suppose it is possible
to get such a file size off a drum scanner.

no, I just use the Nikon 8000 m/f scanner. in 16bit (not 8 bit) and 4000 dpi, the scans are this size. Same goes for the Polaroid Sprintscan 120, Minolta Scan Multi, etc. This is for 6x7, 6x9 would be larger still.

and before someone chips in, yes, I do need them that big, as they are for 5 ft x 4 ft Lightjet prints, and 200 Mb (in 8bit) is the recommended size by my lab. Always better to have real pixels than interpolated ones anyway.


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